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years as an organization
CASP members as of 2020
1000 +
hours of training provided
2000 +


One of the best features of being a CASP member is access to our listserv. The CASP listserv can connect you with hundreds of members who are postsecondary educators, advisors, librarians, success coaches, supplementary instructors, tutors, developmental course instructors, and more. 

The listserv is a space where members can ask for advice, share best practices, present research findings, recruit for research participation, and advertise calls for conference or journal submissions. Listserv members do not need permission to create emails or contribute to discussions.

How to Join

To join the listserv, click on the link below. Subscribe to the listserv by using the log in button. Illustration can be seen below. 


screenshot of the listserv login page with the log in button highlighted in yellow to signify that this is where members wanting to join the listserv should click

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