Sponsorship Payment Portal

Thank you for choosing to sponsor our event; together we will deliver a quality conference to Texas college educators.

You may choose one of these two sponsorship options:

Active Sponsor: This option provides you with all of the benefits of being a sponsor, such as prominent placement of ad banners, a virtual booth that can include video and live stream, marketing content, and the ability to interact live with participants. With this option, you will also have access to attend each session to gain additional context to make your interaction with the participants even more relevant. The cost for this level of sponsorship is $150. 

Passive Sponsor: This option provides you the same benefits as the Active Sponsor, except you do not have access to attend the LIVE sessions with the participants. The cost for this level of sponsorship is $75. 

We are excited to be partnered with Whova as our Virtual Conference platform provider. Watch this short video to see how your organization can benefit from sponsorship: https://vimeo.com/425229806.


Active Sponsor

$ 150

Passive Sponsor

$ 75
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